Internship Australia

Internship Australia - Paid and Unpaid Internships in Australia

Australian internship application

To apply for an internship in Australia, you must submit an application form and provide Go To Australia with all the necessary documents. The documents you will need to submit are as follows:

  • A current Resume (CV)
  • A cover letter: You should outline your work objectives and tell us why you would like to have an opportunity working as an intern in Australia. You should also state how the experience will be relevant to your current studies, occupation, and how it fits into your career plans.
  • Prove of qualifications: You should provide us with copies of any qualifications that you have and attach academic results with them.
  • Financial support: You should be able to show prove that you can be financially supported and can have access to about AUD $1500 per month, otherwise you need to apply for our online internship.
  • Prove of English proficiency: You are required to have intermediate to advanced level of English competency.
  • A completed application form
  • Prove of Medical, travel, personal liability and accident insurance.
  • Start here with the application process!

Receive credit towards your academic curriculum!

Internship Australia

  • Yes, you can receive credit towards your academic curriculum
  • Many of our interns complete the practical requirement of their academic studies and gain credit for their internship completed in Australia.
  • Please advise Australian Internships if you wish to gain academic credit for the internship in Australia.
  • We ask that applicants seeking credit for academic studies supply all of the necessary documentation with their application.
  • The team at Australian Internships will liaise with representatives from your university or college, if required, to ensure that all of the necessary academic documentation is completed and satisfactory.

Benefits for doing an internship in Australia

Internships in Australia

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider doing an internship in Australia:

  • To gain practical experience in your career field;
  • To reinforce your academic knowledge and further enhance your qualifications;
  • To establish contacts within your career field;
  • To 'try out' a different career without fully committing to it;
  • To see and gain knowledge on how an organisation functions;
  • To practice and experience professional mannerism and behaviours;
  • To become more independent;
  • To obtain professional references;
  • To build up your Resume;
  • To experience life in Australia and meet the local people;
  • To become more proficient in the English language.

Will I get paid?
Depending on the type of internship job you do, you may get paid. Some internships in photography, journalism, internet marketing, web design and hospitality are paid. Professional internships in other fields may be unpaid. Agency fees may also apply for certain internship programs. It is advised to contact one of our friendly staff to discuss this in further details.

Help and support
If you do an internship with AA Education, you can expect to be helped and supported throughout your internship experience in Australia. We will search and arrange for your individualised internship placement, we will assist and provide you with all necessary documents for your visa application. We will provide you with a pre-departure package, and we will provide you with a contract for your internship.

Once you arrive in Australia, we will provide you with an orientation pack, and you will be entitled to have access to our ongoing counselling services during your internship. Finally, when your internship finishes you will be guided in obtaining a employer reference letter and an Australian Internship Certificate.

Academic credit
AA Education will provide all necessary documents so that you can gain university academic credit for your internship in Australia.

You are able to search for your own accommodation, however AA Education can also provide accommodation services free of charge.


Reliable and EXPERIENCED advice and services provided For International Students!

Reliable and EXPERIENCED advice and services provided For International Students!

Want to travel and explore the beautiful pastures of Australia and New Zealand whilst also gaining a degree? GotoAustralia.Agency offers once-in-a- lifetime opportunities for all applicants regardless of educational background and age group. Imagine studying through the advanced Australian education system whilst also making international friends and experiencing Australian culture and lifestyle at its finest.

GotoAustralia.Agency takes on the role of a surrogate ‘parent’ to its applicants since we understand that the application process can be foreign and confusing to new applicants. We offer services to shoulder this burden and provide you with a complete list of document needed for a valid application, and we also explain in detail how to get these documents verified for international use. Don’t stress about postage and expensive courier options; we will PAY to post your application. All you have to do is simply fill out the application form correctly, send it to us via email and await your response.

We guarantee at GotoAustralia.Agency that this waiting period will not be longer than 24 hours, our agency has established a firm and longstanding reputation within the education system of both Australia and New Zealand, therefore the applications sent via our company are immediately given the green light. This ensures no stress, no worries;
your only concern is what to pack and which courses to choose!

Deciding on which academic path to take can also be nail biting, so allow our staff of experienced education agents to provide you with extensive advice on courses that would ideal for you, assistance with filling out your application forms, queries about your study visa, accommodation for the duration of your studies in Australia and many other concerns. The lists are endless and GotoAustralia.Agency’s doors are always open to you, answering questions before, during and after the application process. We also offer an Orientation in which all concerns and queries relating to your travel and stay in Australia and New Zealand will be taken care of, even guidance about flight options are offered, our agents are consistently available on email.

GotoAustralia.Agency is based in Brisbane and doesn’t limit its resources to international students. Opportunities are also awarded to overseas backpackers, employees and graduates throughout Australia and New Zealand. Job seekers and recent graduates are offered a chance to gain work experience in Australia and New Zealand, and grow in a foreign market.

We eliminate all of the uncertainty that is common when applying for international jobs in that we will assist you in finding the perfect job that is most suitable for you according to your preferences and strengths. Leave the heavy lifting, worrying and strategising to us, and allow AA Education to ensure you a stress free and decadent studying and work experience in Australia and New Zealand!

Internship in Australia

Through our association with universities and other education providers all over Australia and New Zealand, we have unparalleled access to a variety of internship placements in all fields.

We provide flexible, high quality educational opportunities custom-designed to meet the needs of international students and graduates from around the world. 

Our Internships are for learners wishing to gain international experience in their chosen professional field. Gain academic credit by having a program designed to meet the accreditation standards of your university.

We provide all internship needs.

  • Please send us your specifications and educational requirements.

Internship Service

Each internship is custom-designed:

  • internships can be provided in almost any field or combination of fields;
  • internships may be undertaken at almost any location in Australia and New Zealand;
  • internships of a wide range of duration can be arranged;
  • flexibility in the range of placement options available to interns;
  • internships may be undertaken at any time of year;
  • living accommodation is arranged in accordance with the specifications of each intern;
  • 24/7 welfare support service

Australian Internship Placement

Australia Internship Placement - Australian Internship Placement Officers will prepare you for your internship and ensure that you understand the requirements.

Australia Internship Placement - Australian Internship Placement Officers will prepare you for your internship and ensure that you understand the requirements.

Australian Internship Placement Officers will prepare you for your internship and ensure that you understand the requirements and find the best suitable program what you NEED for career success!

Australian Internship Advisers inform you about:

  • the Australian Internship Requirements.
  • all necessary steps in getting prepared for your Australian internship experience

Internships in Australia with Go to Australia - Our Australia internship service is set up to focus on the delivery of high quality practical educational experiences.

Internship Australia

Internship Australia Placement

Go to Australia Agency delights in preparing people for the future role that they will play in the world when they achieve their education goals. That is whyGo to Australia Agency came in to existence to provide the world with people who have the capacity to navigate across different cultural experiences well and learn from them in a way that is beneficial to themselves and other people who make up their circle of influence.

Go to Australia Agency seeks to provide their clients with the best experiences of Australia that they can deliver because they understand the need for people to be able to live in multiple situations and make a lasting contribution to those situations.

Go to Australia Agency understand the needs of their clients like no one else and give the best assistance in Australia and New Zealand and are the liaison with many of the major Australian universities. If you visit their website you will see many of the institutions they liaise with.

There is no education service in Australia likeGo to Australia Agency that provides the level of support and commitment to their clients.Go to Australia Agency works across a wide range of educational needs for clients who are going on to university, need English language training, are secondary students, or seeking to gain post graduate qualifications at many of the internationally recognised Australian universities that dot the urban landscape of Australia’s major and regional cities.Go to Australia Agency also provides professional services for the beginner and seasoned traveller on their jaunts, giving these people excellent information about all aspects of Australian life. AA was created to help interns, travellers, and overseas students to gain the most out of their time in Australia and New Zealand.

Go to Australia Agency provide appropriate and professional assistance to overseas students when they are applying for the course of their choice, whether they are undergraduate courses or post graduate courses,   whether the client is having a gap year, or they are in the need of an excellent English language course that will assist them in other courses in the future.Go to Australia Agency will provide all the assistance necessary in a helpful and understanding manner.Go to Australia Agency will also help interns and other clients with appropriate job placement in Australia and New Zealand that meet the specific needs of the client thatGo to Australia Agency is catering too.

Go to Australia Agency Agents are always keen to help clients and they can be contacted by email at any time.Go to Australia Agency Agents will answer all those difficult little questions that a client has when they are travelling, living or studying in another country.Go to Australia Agency will clarify all doubts and their website is one of the most exhaustive guides to life in Australia or New Zealand designed for the overseas traveller in mind. And all of this does not cost you a penny because;

It is free. Yes. Free!

The Go to Australia Agency process

From the moment a client makes contact with Go to Australia Agency, will do what is needed for you to meet your desired outcome. Go to Australia Agency handles everything for you so you can dream about all the possibilities that have been presented to you. Go to Australia Agency delights in making citizens of the world.Go to Australia Agency takes you by the hand and helps you to decide what is best for you. We help you with what course to enrol in, what institution is best for you, where it is best for you to live, and anything that might need to know while you are in Australia and/or New Zealand.

Go to Australia Agency will tell you what documents you will need when putting in your application, and explain how that information will be handled.Go to Australia Agency understands all the stipulations involved with this process and take care of it for you.Go to Australia Agency will review the documents to make sure all the right boxes are ticked and double-checked to see if anything has been overlooked.
All free of charge!

While this process is being worked outGo to Australia Agency will keep you in the loop at all times making sure you are not unaware of any possibility that may present itself. And after 24 hours they will have an answer for you about the course of study you are planning on and whether you have been successful at that institution. Go to Australia Agency will give you regular updates on the status of your application because Go to Australia Agency wants this time to be as easy and tireless as possible without giving you any undue anxiety. Go to Australia Agency achieves this by keeping you in the loop at all times with regular updates from their professional and friendly Education Agents.

Go to Australia Agency is recognised as being a consummate professional with a detailed knowledge of the Australian Education system that is second to none. Go to Australia Agency offer the best of services to prospective international students who want to study in Australia and New Zealand. Go to Australia Agency helps clients find the best situation for themselves with professionalism and empathy.

So, what are the comprehensive services that Go to Australia Agency has to offer potential clients?
Go to Australia Agency tailors their needs to all clients regardless of background.

  • §  Direction and assistance on how to apply for the appropriate course that will help you meet your education goals while you are studying and living in Australia
  • Correct information in regards to English language tests
  • Assistance with all your application forms including: both translations of appropriate documentation and certified copies and submissions
  • Continued on the ground support after you have submitted the appropriate application for study in Australia
  • Support with student visa issues that may eventuate like: application, extension and the renewal of visas
  • Airline travel information that is appropriate to your need
  • Student Accommodations
  • Correct information about what life is like in Australia: OSHC, banking, transportation, and student discounts

Go to Australia Agency assistance does not end when you enter into Australia, because you can email Go to Australia Agency whenever you need too. Plus,Go to Australia Agency will give you assistance with all those questions that are bound to come up when you come into a new cultural situation.

Go to Australia Agency are always willing to help and will provide the appropriate answers to any problem you may have at the beginning, during and ending of your time in Australia.

So browse the website it is the most exhaustive of its type designed for the international traveller in mind on their journey through Australia and/or New Zealand.

So, contact Go to Australia Agency - we are an email address away.

Internships Australia Application

Please note Australian internships are usually unpaid! However some journalism, internet marketing and hospitality internships may be paid! We help you with English tests, translations, accommodation and other services.

All other internships are unpaid and agency fees apply.

Paid Internships in Australia consultants will assist you to find paid internships in Australia.  Whether you want to find a internship in your field of study, have a unique working holiday experience, or just prolong your time as a student, our agency is doing all the hard work for you.

We also ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. Our programs include a professional internship, accommodation, visa assistance, professional development tools, English courses & other study programs, cultural events, social activities and much more. 

We are here to help you to find one of the best suitable paid internship vacancy. In many field paid positions are very rare and you will need to accept the fact that most internships are unpaid - however we are here to search for you.

NEWS: We offer a new paid internship program for working holiday makers, which is an opportunity for working holiday makers with relevant educational background in hospitality or hotel management to participate in a paid work and holiday experience aimed at developing their practical skills in basic hotel operational departments including housekeeping and food & beverage service.

The types of internship jobs available include, but are not limited to the following career types:

  • Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Online marketing officer
  • Web designer
  • Hospitality workers
  • ...

If you would like to do an internship in another specific career field, we would be more than happy to help you find it.

Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your situation and internship job preferences.

Australian Internship Program - Duration and Eligibility of Internship

Our highly experienced Australian Internships Program support team are right behind you from the very first step of your application process. It's an opportunity not to be missed and you can be rest assured that you will be accorded priority as and when required.
Industry placement programs provide valuable work experience, useful life skills and in a international context, the opportunity to participate in an international exchange program such as the Australia Internship Program.

If you have any questions or if you are interested to join other programs contact us please.

We will require the following documents before processing your application:

  • Documents & Declarations
  • Visa Details

It is hard or almost impossible to get an internship placement in Australia on your own. Therefore we offer special services for interns. We are your contact to prepare your entire stay in Australia and we offer this information for free. 

Please note: Internships in Australia are usually unpaid, however we offer some paid marketing, hospitality and journalism internships.

There are some internships in hospitality where it could be possible to get money, but you have to show work experience in your field.

Unpaid Internships

  • Maximum of 3 months internship if applicant is a recent graduate (recent
    graduate is defined as someone who has graduated within the previous 12 months)
  • Maximum of 6 months internship if the applicant is a current student

Paid Internships in Hospitality

  • Maximum of 12 months internship
  • candidates with a valid Working Holiday Visa - internships of up to 6 months in duration

To secure successful application, you will be required to provide the

  • Current resume or curriculum vitae, by email.
  • Statement of work experience objectives and how the work experience
    relates to current studies or occupation, by email.
  • Details of the completed or current studies with academic results from
    your university.
  • Evidence of financial support or training wage. This may be included in
    the home university letter, the training body letter or as a separate
    document. A rough guide is AUD$1,500 per month.
  • A high level of English language proficiency is required prior to commencing your work placement.
  • A completed Internship Application form with A$500 deposit.
  • Evidence of your medical, accident, travel and personal liability

Our service:

  • individual arrangement of the internship
  • full internship placement services
  • Australian Internships ensures that you receive training compatible with
    your employment and/or educational history.
  • Supply of the necessary documents to gain visa approval for the internship - support and assistance with the visa application
  • Provide an Internship contract
  • Preparation and Orientation package
  • Regular counselling support services for the duration of your internship
  • Supply of the Performance Statement from your sponsoring trainer.
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Australian Internship Certificate after successful internship
  • Internship employer reference after successful internship
  • Supply the necessary documents for your university to ensure that you gain credit for the internship completed in Australia

Please calculate the following placement fee for your internship:

(You need to pay I) in all cases. You need to pay either IIa) or IIb).) 

Application fee (all internships):
A$500.00 (non-refundable)

Please pay this fee together with your application.

Payment of the rest of the fee is due when you receive your internship placement.

Professional Internship

   up to 6 weeks 1100.00 A$

   7 - 12 weeks 1365.00 A$

   13 - 20 weeks 1750.00 A$

   21 - 26 weeks 2150.00 A$

II b) Hospitality Internship

   26 weeks 2840.00 A$*

   38 weeks 3250.00 A$*

   52 weeks 3650.00 A$*

   *Plus RSA Online Course 110.00 A$ (mandatory for all hospitality

Insurance Fee: Weekly Rate A$16.94 (subject to change)

This is only relevant if you do not have an insurance or if your insurance
agreement is in another language than English and it would be too expensive
to translate the whole agreement.

You also have to calculate accommodation and other living cost e.g. food, public transport etc. on top. That will be approximately 1,000 - 1,400 A$ per months.

Please apply 6 months for a placement before you want to start your internship or earlier.

Your need to apply at least 4 months before you start that your application will be accepted and a company found.

In addition we can offer the following:

  • Accommodation placement
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Flight discounts

Please let us know if you can fulfill the visa requirements (Working Holiday Visa OR current student OR Graduation within the last 12 months OR Internship in Hospitality with prior work experience.)

Internships Australia - FAQ

My knowledge of English is rudimentary. Am I required to do an English language course in Australia?

It is mandatory that you speak and write English fluently unless you speak German. In any case we can book you into an English course.

If I apply for the online internship, can I select my own topics of interest and can my travel partner do an internship as well?

In most cases you can select your own topics. And it will be encouraged if your travel partner will do an internship as well.

How many working hours would my internship involve during the week?

We are flexible, but expect 20 work hours/week.

Can I also look for another job at the same time?

Yes, certainly as this helps you to make good contacts to other travellers and Australians.


Does this internship work affect my Working Holiday visa at all?

You can remain up to 3 months with us as an intern, without affecting your visa.


I have noticed that this internship with AA is free, but I have to pay for accommodation and food. Do I get some help in finding an accommodation?

Certainly, we can help you to find appropriate accommodation.


Where do I find information on the Working Holidays Visa ?

Here: Australia Visa

I noticed that no service fees will be raised by AA if I booked with partner institution and organisations. Is this correct?



Are there brochures of your organisation and your program?

You can obtain all the information on-line from us.

How long can I remain with your organisation?

You can remain for up to six months with this visa. As an international student with a student visa and a work permit you may work 20 hours per week and according to your visa perhaps for even longer.

Is there local support in Australia?

There is always a local support available.

My friend would like to come along and attend an English course. Would that be possible?

We will gladly help your friend finding an English course.

I am not having my own laptop. Does this internship involve much writing?

It is expected that you would like to work independently and to be able to work without direct supervision while travelling.

Do I obtain a certificate at the end of my internship?

AA issues a certificate after the completion of your practical course. The AA Internship Certificate may be an advantage in finding work in Australia or overseas.

How is my journey organised?

You organise your journey by yourself: We are glad to find you attractive travel discounts (flights eg.).

Can I do an internship without having skills in image editing?

If you don't have the skills please discuss with us. It is recommended to have image editing software installed on your laptop (Photoshop or similar).

My documents (Matriculation certificate and Working Holiday Visa) are not ready yet. 

Please try to send us the missing documents as soon as possible.

If my application to AA is refused can I still do an internship in Australia?

There is much competition for internship places here. If your application is refused you can still apply via our partner organisations, which will help you to find an external internship at cost. Partnering with Australian Organisations we coordinate accommodation, language courses (if necessary) and you'll have a Workplace supervisor during your Australian Internship.

Internship Australia Requirements

English language knowledge

All companies expect good English knowledge. Therefore all interns are required to have sufficient English language skills for effective workplace communication. A guide to the required language level for Interns is TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.

If you need to improve you English we can help you to find a suitable English language course.

The following documents are usually necessary:

  • Detailed current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Statement of work experience objectives and how the work experience
    relates to current studies or occupation, by email (letter to your
    prospective internship employer)
  • Details of completed or current studies with academic results from your
    university. (scanned copies)
  • Evidence of financial support or training wage. (This may be included in
    the home university letter, the training body letter or as a separate
    document from your bank our your parents bank.) A rough guide is AUD$1,500 per month.
  • A high level of English language proficiency is required prior to
    commencing your work placement.
  • A completed Internship Application form
  • A application fee (which is always necessary that a placement officer will
    start looking for an internship place for you)
  • Evidence of your medical, accident, travel and personal liability
  • Information what visa you will apply for to do your internship
    - Working Holiday Visa OR
    - are you a current student OR
    - was your graduation within the last 12 months OR
    - would you like to do an internship in Hospitality and have prior work

Application time

Please apply 6 months before you want to start your internship or earlier.

Your need to apply at least 4 months before you want to start your internship as your visa processing time will take 4-8 weeks! (Exemptions might be possible for Working Holiday Visa holders.)

In hospitality it is usually necessary to apply 6 months in advance!

Please contact us for further information.

Internship Work Australia - Answers and Questions

What are some basic options available through Australia Internship Program?

Is there any time limit for the Internship? There is none. However the duration of the internship can be negotiated between you and your trainer.

If English is my second language, then? The requirements of any internship will state that you must have sufficient English language skills in order to complete the internship successfully. Applicants who feel that they may not meet these requirements should enrol in a suitable English language program prior to enrolling in their chosen internship.

Will I receive any payment in return for my services? 

No besides hospitality and some journalism internships, the internship is purely voluntary for the duration of the program.

What requirements must be met prior to undertaking an internship?

  • Details of studies undertaken in current resume format
  • Statement of support by university or training provider and that the internship is a requirement of the course
  • Evidence of personal liability insurance
    More about the requirements

How long does it take to arrange an internship?

Generally, a minimum period of three months is required to arrange an internship.

Can Australian Internships arrange insurance?

Yes, Australia Internship Programs can arrange insurance on request.

Is it possible to obtain an internship on a working holiday visa?

Yes, it is possible if you are eligible for a working holiday visa.

Australia Internship Program Fee

Your investment in your Internship may vary, but the table below will give you a good indication.

Importantly, the internship fees include:

  • Development of a custom designed internship to meet your individual requirements.
  • Internship placement services including supply of essential visa nomination approval documents.
  • Supply of an internship contract to define the terms and conditions for the placement.
  • Assistance with the visa process.
  • Preparation and orientation package prior to departure.
  • Regular counseling support services for the duration of your internship.
  • Monthly intern newsletter.
  • Performance report supplied by the host trainer on successful completion of the program.
  • Certificate at successful completion of the internship.
  • Supply of the necessary documentation to gain academic credit for existing studies.
  • Optional Extras include the following:
    • Accommodation services
    • Insurance arrangements
    • Travel - discounted flights and travel.

Internship in Australia Visa Options

We will advise and assist you with information on the most suitable visa options and provide you will all of the necessary supporting documentation for the visa process.

The Australian Internship Program was developed to comply with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) visa requirements. The information contained in this page is designed to assist you to understand some of the visa options available for interns coming to Australia.

A brief introduction to the visa options for interns coming to Australia

Clients wishing to complete internships for less than 12 weeks will have the following options:

Working Holiday Visa

417 Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Program aims to promote international understanding, through helping young people experience (work experience Australia) the culture of another country. Australia has reciprocal working holiday maker arrangements with some foreign countries. Applicants from the following countries can complete an internship on the WHV for a maximum of six months: Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Republic of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, HKSAR*, Ireland, Republic of Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, *Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (includes British National Overseas passport holders).

462 Work & Holiday Visa

The work & holiday Program provides opportunities for people between 18 and 30 to holiday in Australia and to supplement their travel funds through incidental employment. Applicants from the following countries can complete an internship on the W&H Visa for a maximum of six months: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Uruguay.

Please refer to the DIMIA site for specific and up to date information on the Working Holiday Maker Program.

416 Special Programs Visa (when you book an external internship via us)

The Australian Internships Program has been approved by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for the Special Program 416.

Australian Internships will issue the necessary documentation to suitable candidates so they are able to obtain the Special Program Visa 416 - this visa option provides flexibility for periods of up to 12 months.

402 Training and Research Visa (Occupational Trainee stream)

The Australian Internships Program has been approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection  for the Training and Research Visa 402 (Occupational Trainee stream). Suitable candidates aged 18 to 30 are eligible for entry with the 402 visa.

Student Visa

Applicants may complete an internship for up to 20 hours per week throughout the semester (in some selected fields), or on a full-time basis during scheduled holidays/after graduation.

Other visas

There are a range of other visas that are suitable, for example the Graduate Skilled Visa.

Please contact us for updates and the latest information on visa options if you wish to complete an internship in Australia.

DIAC has extensive and detailed information available that is updated regularly and we encourage all interns considering Australia as their preferred destination to visit the DIAC website.

As Australian Internship Consultants we are proud to be recognised as a global leading education agency who is offering interns and students internship programs with all Australian providers.

With 13 years experience, our Australian Internship team has established a long term quality reputation and is proud to be the preferred internship consultant for international students.

We work in partnership with Australian internship & education providers and find internships in almost all academic disciplines for candidates from over 80 countries around the world!

Register now or contact us to receive further information on our internship program!

Our Australian Internship agency can help interns to:

  • find internship positions in Australia
  • apply for a visa to work as intern in Australia
  • prepare your internship application
  • get documents translated
  • understand your responsibilities as intern
  • learn "Aussie English"
  • visit a language school in Australia
  • get an Australian qualification
  • apply for further studies in Australia

Contact our Australian Internship consultants to get more information and receive free services!

At, we not only have our own internship programs on offer, but we also work in collaboration with some of the top internship agencies to give all of our applicants the opportunity to be placed with an appropriate organisation to undertake their internship program in Australia.

Australia-Internship Applicants get information to work as interns at no cost whatsoever welcomes international students, working holiday makers, fresh graduates, and anyone with the required qualifications to participate in a suitable internship program without spending money in return.

Readers can check our site for useful tips from our internship counsellors and pick the right internship program ? paid or unpaid. We also assist interested participants to take up an English language course if they don?t have the required prerequisite to attend an internship program.

For all our services, participants don't require to pay us in anyway  contrary to many internship providers who charge a fee for this service.

We get paid by our internship-providing partners in Australia for our services. This is how it works: for each intern who has registered for an internship program with one of our partners, we get a commission from our partner. As a result, we don't charge a fee from the intern and we are not reliant on other form of payment.

We also assist prospective interns with their visa applications, accommodation facilities, and arrival norms without charging a fee for the same.

Get work opportunities in Australia without paying any cost

While many internship providers charge a fee for offering an internship program, our Internship-Program authorized agents provide free service to international students and travellers who are looking for opportunities to work as interns in Australia – either paid or unpaid.

Our internship experts offer tips to the soon-to-be-interns on how to get useful internship programs that will help them to earn valuable work experience in the future.

Pre-organized programs are also offered to suitable candidates to work in Australia so that interns enjoy staying in Australia as well.

Our internship agents help interns to get their visa processed successfully, acquire an affordable accommodation, any other support services needed to make the internship successful.


<strong>Free Services</strong>

The interns do not require paying us for getting details on internship programs. We get paid by our internship-providing partners. For instance, our partner pays us a commission for each prospective intern who registers with the provider through us. We are not dependent on other forms of payment. Our counsellors only connect interns with a suitable internship that will develop their future career prospects.

Likelyhood of Placement

Good to know: the likelyhood of a placement as an intern according to your wishes is very high. Our local partners abroad have many years of experience in the execution of internships and international qualification tools.

Counselling Service

Before anything else we consult with you intensely. Together with you we develop a program including the necessary timeframe. You will receive information about your host-country and your host-organisation. You can receive most necessary information via email, telephone or skype.

Full Service at your host location

For your convenience you will have a permanent domestic partner who will check with you frequently, and who will offer support with any questions or problems that might come up while far away from home.
You can check with this individual at all times; and also we here in the headoffice will be in touch regularly, usually once a month, even if nothing extraordinary happens.

Contractual security with Money-Back-Guarantee

In order to guarantee your satisfaction, all the terms and conditions should be in writing as a contract. This includes the expectations in an internship. The internship agency should guarantee to find an internship for you that meets your requested needs. In the extremely rare case that we do not find a suitable placement as an intern for you you will get your downpayment back.


If you like we buy an international health insurance or other travel-related insurances for you.

It can go fast

From the day of your booking between 1 and 6 months can pass before you actually take off. In case you are in a rush to go abroad - that usually can be done as well.


If you live outside Austria, Germany or Switzerland we would ask you to do the flight booking by yourself and let us know in good time about your arrival dates in your country and city of destination. We will then inform our partner about your arrival.

Upon arrival at your destination your local partner will pick you up and take you to your accomodation. You also will be accompanied and guided on your first day of language training or company-visit.


You will get to know the local language and culture the best by living in a host family (plus meals are usually included). Another option could be room-sharing with other participants, or a convenient stay in hotels or hostels can be arranged.

Certificate and Feedback

For your language training and your internship you will receive a certificate from the internship agency. After your assignment is completed we will have a feedback session in order to check the outcome and your evaluation of the placement.
Your opinion helps us for continous improvement, so we would like to hear about your experiences and what the results for you will be.

Full Service all from one hand

Before your foreign assignment you can take care of all personal matters of your everydays life - the internship agency will handle everything travel-related that has to be tackled before a trip abroad.

Australian Internships without fees

Who can apply for a free work experience in Australia?

Students and Graduates who like writing. You may like to write about your own or other's travel stories and Australian experiences. Or you may write about environmental, scientific issues or your diploma thesis.

Just let us know about your Australian travel destination. It is up to you where you are and where you go. This even means that your travel experience could have happened in the past and you are back home. Or you do some research about Australia issues at any place of the world.

How much is this likely to cost?

The internship with AA is free, but interns must pay for their own flights and travel expenses. You can combine your internship work with study or travel. Remember, however, to bring along sufficient 'pocket money' so that you can enjoy your weekends, evenings and in case of unforeseen events.

It is recommended that interns and students spend some time travelling around Australia. The AA Internship Certificate may be an advantage in finding work in Australia or Overseas. If you come as a Working Holiday Maker or student with a work permission we will gladly give you tips on how to get a job.


What are my chances to get an internship place? 

AA welcomes interns and students from overseas, but places are limited for students and Working Holiday Makers.

Please send your CV and a cover letter to us as soon as possible. We select applicants according to their qualifications, interests and then decide whether an internship placement with us is possible and whether they will fit into our online team.

When do I have to apply?

The application for an internship should be received at least 4 weeks before you plan to start your internship. Please let us know ASAP if you need some support with English.

How do I obtain permission to complete an internship in Australia?

To be accepted as an intern at AA you need to provide the following:

  • Your current Resume and an introduction letter
  • A Statement on your work objectives and how this relates to your current study or job
  • Details about academic results of the Education Institutes
  • Proof of Health, Accident and Liability insurance

How do I apply for an internship with AA?

Please send us your documents as stated under 5.  Please inform us about your English skills and the planned duration of an English course, if needed. We may offer discounts!

For whom is an internship suitable?

For all who like to write ...
Especially: Travellers, Graduates, Students, Scientists, Journalists, Webdesigner, SEO's, Marketing and Sales Specialists, Internet Freaks.

More questions and answers about the Australian Internship Program.

Australian Online Internships

GotoAustralia offers free online internships: For whom is this internship suitable?

For all who like to write ...
Especially: Travellers, Graduates, Students, Scientists, Journalists, Webdesigner, SEO's, Marketing and Sales Specialists, Internet Freaks.

Students and Graduates who like writing. You may like to write about your own or other's travel stories and Australian experiences. Or you may write about environmental, scientific issues or your diploma thesis.

Just let us know about your Australian travel destination. It is up to you where you are and where you go. This even means that your travel experience could have happened in the past and you are back home. Or you do some research about Australia issues at any place of the world. The internship with GotoAustralia is free.

Australia Internship Positions

Australia Internship Positions - Work Experience: Gain valuable training by completing an internship with one of Australia's leading organisations.

What are some basic options available through Australian Internships Program in Australia?

Work Experience: Gain valuable training by completing an internship with one of Australia's leading organisations.

English Language: English language tuition is available to assist you gain the necessary English language skills required for your internship. Find out more on English Language Programs here.

Where can I work? 

Some of the fields that you can choose and specialize in include:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Architecture
  • Bookkeeping
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Forestry
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Resources Management
  • Health
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Journalism
  • Legal Studies
  • Marine Studies
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Sport

Is there a time limit for the Internship?

There is no set timeframe for internships and the duration is negotiated with your sponsoring employer however generally employers request a minimum period of one month, with a maximum period offered of 12 months. Australian Internships will negotiate the duration of your internship to suit your request.

The length of your internship will vary depending on the type of program you are placed in, and it will also vary depending on your visa validity. Here is a brief outline to give you a rough idea of how long your internship may be:

  • 3 months (for recent graduates or for internships as a journalist, photographer, Online marketing officer and Web designer)
  • 6 months (for current students and for hospitality internships)
  • 12 months (possible to be arranged for all internship job types if you hold a valid 12 months Working Holiday Visa, this is usually the maximum time possible)

What if I'm not a native English speaker?

You will need sufficient English to be able to perform your duties and work efficiently in the working environment. Evidence of English language level required is IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550. You will limit your learning and opportunities if you do not have sufficient English. Australian Internships advise that applicants with limited English complete English Language Studies in Australia prior to the commencement of your internship.

Will I be paid for the Internship?

No you will not be paid for the internship - it is a voluntary non-paid training period.

How much will it cost for the Internship?

An indication of fees are available here. Please contact either our local representative for specific information on the internship program fees. You can contact Australian Internships here.

What does the Internship fee include?

The internship fee includes all expenses associated with the arrangement of the internship, supply of the necessary documents to gain visa approval for the internship, support and assistance with the visa application, regular counseling support services for the duration of your internship and supply of the Performance Statement from your sponsoring employer.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit of AUD$500 is a non-refundable administration fee for the services provided by Australian Internships to arrange your internship in the field of your choice.

Can I get credit with my University for the Internship in Australia?

Yes, most of our interns are completing their compulsory practical component of their university studies. Australian Internships will supply the necessary documents for your university to ensure that you gain credit for the internship completed in Australia.

Are there any special requirements needed to gain an Intership?

Yes, briefly these requirements include:

Details of completed or current studies listed in a current Resume.
Statement of results from your university (academic records).
Statement indicating that the internship is a requirement of your course or that it is endorsed and supported by the university or employer.
Evidence of financial support or training wage. This may be included in the home university letter, the training body letter or as a separate document. It may be a letter signed by the person supporting you financially for your stay in Australia. A rough guide would be $1000 per month.
Evidence of your medical, accident, travel and personal liability insurance. Personal liability insurance is an essential requirement of undertaking an internship in Australia.

How long will it take to arrange my Internship?

Australian Internships advises that you allow a minimum of three months to make the necessary arrangements for the internship and visa.

Can Australian Internships arrange insurance?

You must provide proof of accident, medical, travel and personal liability insurance prior to starting the internship. Yes, Australian Internships can arrange insurance if requested.

What if my Internship interest in not listed here?

Please just contact us with your request - Australian Internships boasts a 100% success rate with internships and we are sure that we will be able to assist with your enquiry.

Can I travel in Australia before or after my Internship?

Yes, you are generally provided with four weeks after your internship where you may travel in Australia; however just let us know if you have any special travel requests.

Can I obtain an Internship on another Visa?

Yes, you can complete an internship on a Working Holiday Visa if you are eligible for a working holiday visa. The internship duration must not exceed 12 weeks on a working holiday visa. If you are from one of the following countries you may be eligible for a working holiday visa: Canada, Ireland, Japan, Malta, The Netherlands, South Korea, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Click here for more information.

Internship Australia with Go To Australia

  • Go To Australia encourages students to gain practical experience by offering a range of outstanding internship projects.
  • Go To Australia  works with partners all over the world including education consultants, immigration agents, universities as well as education providers in Australia by facilitating internship opportunities for their students.
  • Go To Australia  is a specialist facilitator of education services. Unlike employment agencies, AA Education Network works with international students and internship providers.

Students are more likely to participate in an internship program for education purposes. Register now!

Australian Internship Program

If you are after a unique experience and wish to gain valuable work experience while enjoying the local hospitality, then look no further. We have the right Internship program for you that will give the skills required to become comptetitive in the global job market.

This will aslo complement your educational background and will look attractive on your resume. Employers highly value the experience gained during internships.
Aim for the skies with our Internship program which will set you on the path to international success. If you wish to become international in your outlook or just wish to go abroad, then our Internship program is worth considering. Many young Australians have took up the offer and benefited from this program.

We offer the following internship programs:

  • the Professional Internship Program which offers applicants an opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in almost all academic fields and a wide range of industries.
  • the Hospitality Program which offers paid internship placements to highly skilled candidates that are completing or have completed hospitality studies and have relevant hospitality experience. There are 6, 9 & 12 months options. Positions are available in Food and Beverage, Front Office and Cookery.
  • the Stipend Internship Program which offers paid training positions
  • the Professional Year Program (PYP) which offers former international students, who have graduated from a university in Australia, an introduction to their respective occupation and relevant practical training and will need to be approved by the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP).
  • the Science Without Borders Program in partnership with major universities and government agencies around the world.

Internship Program Australia

We offer different Internship programs in Australia.

A fulltime Internship takes between 6 and 24 weeks or as long as needed. The overall duration depends on the sector you are interested in and will be determined with you in advance. The company, organisation or institution will be selected by our local partners according to your requirements. After that you do not apply with the companies, but they apply with you. Together with you we then select the placement that suits your needs the best.

In principal we can offer internships in all subjects and all sectors. Yet this depends on your preferences, the duration and leadtime, and on the desired country and city you select.

Internship Australia Testimonials

Australian Internships Testimonials

The following precis of testimonials will give you a sense of what people are saying about Australian Internships:

Shizu - Japan - Economics

"I've worked in Department of Employment and Training for 12 weeks. When I came here for the first time, I had no ideas in regards to the even role of the department. Through my intern term, I've learnt a heap of information and knowledge. I'm sure that experience will affect my future career. Moreover i did improve my English skills very much at the same time. I'm really enjoyed my internship and happy with the outcome!"

Romain Cachot - France - IT

"Romain impressed the company so much that he has been asked to take a lead role in projects and in helping fellow interns to better understand their internship taska at company head office!!"

Maryline - France - Architect

"I needed to have an overseas experience to make a difference on my resume. I came to Brisbane to complete an internship in an architecture company. I was completely integrated into the office life. I learned a lot and I also took part in a real Australian life. This is exactly what I was looking for!"

Juliana Suzuki - Brazil - Architect

"My objective was to go back to my country (Brazil) with professional experience and face new challenges that i've never done before. i completed a degree in Architecture in brazil. Australian Internships gave me all the support and details about my visa and insurance. They arranged my internship and I started to work in Sydney. I stayed in my internship for 3 months and the company really welcomed me and treated me the same as other employees.

I've come back to Brazil with a huge amount of experience in architecture and this has opened doors and helped me to find a new job. today I have opportunities to work not just in Brazil or Australia but in countries all around the world."

Brent - USA - Finance

"I believe that the type and quality of my placement was excellent. From day one of my application I was kept in the loop. My internship felt more like a full position than just training. I felt a sense of equality in my workplace. Theresa kept me fully updated on everything going on with my VISA and dropped frequent notes to ensure my happiness in my placement. I think that you guys did a great job and hope that you keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch!"

Carol - Taiwan - Export/Import

"I started my internship program working in an international trade company. Now i am completely integrated into the office life. Everyday is a hard working day full of unexpected situations happening, but I enjoy learning and working with my team-workers here. They are fantastic people-friendly and intelligent. They are really patient with me, teaching me professional manner and skills to deal with fast changing business environment"

Yulieth - Colombia - Law

"Making the decision to come here (Australia) was not easy but the experience has been just great. I am working on the subjects I am interested in, my workmates are fantastic people. Australians in general are friendly and I am learning about another culture. It has been a good experience in all aspects. The agencies I made my arrangements with, have given me their support during the whole process. They were really helpful and efficient finding an internship suitable for my interests and organising all my visas with the Dept of immigration.

But that is not all, their current phone calls and e-mails throughout the internship have made me feel part of a family and have given me the strength to go on when I have felt down. I have to thank them. They are an absolutely wonderful team.

If you are thinking about taking an internship in Australia, Don't hesitate to do so. You will not regret it at all."


Intern Name: Tristan Lavender
Nationality: Dutch
Field: Journalism

Tristan grew substantially as a journalist throughout his intern-ship. The internship gave him the opportunity to gain an under-standing of Australian life and culture. Throughout his internship he completed the Cambridge Certificate of Work experience and produced one of the highest quality completion booklets seen by Australian Internships.

Tristan’s Host Organisation made the following comments: “Tristan writes well. His confidence and interview techniques improved dramatically as the internship progressed. Tristan’s research was thorough and he persisted until he had a balanced picture.

As a journalist writing for a community newspaper, Tristan had to cover topics and issues that assume a local knowledge. He coped well given his limited previous exposure to Australian accents, idiom and culture.”

Prior to returning to The Netherlands this week, Tristan visited the Australian Internships office and thanked the staff for the constant support through the internship.

Intern Name: Katharina Uredat
Nationality: German
Field: Communication

“I really had a good time in Australia and learned a lot. I was satisfied with my host families and my work placement such as the possibility of the intern nights where you could meet many other interns and talk to the supervisors: Consequently you were really in contact with them and they were
always ready to support!”

Intern Name: Emilie Beguin
Nationality: French
Field: Law

Emilie has had a very successful internship to date. Her Host Organisation have been very pleased with her and have made the following comments “Emilie has been progressing very well. We con-tinue to be impressed by Emilie’s strong work ethic and attention to detail – she is a delight”.

Emilie met with an Australian Internships representative at a recent intern night and expressed how pleased she was with her internship and how her colleagues are life a family.

Intern Name: Sin Jung Park (Sarah)
Nationality: Korean
Field: Business Administration / Education

Sun Jung Park (Sarah) is completing an internship in an English Language School as she intends to pursue her career as an English Language teacher
upon return to Korea.

Sarah’s English has improved immensely over the period of her internship. Her Host Organisation are very pleased with her and have said “Sarah is excellent in all respects. She is always on time. She does whatever she's asked to do and does it well. Her Eng-lish is getting better.

She generally communicates very well with the students.” Sarah says “it is
easy to get help and there is good interaction with colleagues. Everybody is
very kind”.

Intern Name: Michaela Maugg
Nationality: Swiss
Field: Finance

“Michaela is getting along quite well so far, I am very pleased because she
is friendly and confident and has been able to fit into the office environment easily and independ-ently.”

Intern Name: Julia Abreu
Nationality: Brazilian
Field: Advertising

“Julia is fitting into our team well and she has shown great flexibility in
her working style which is always a great quality in this industry. She is a
very pleasant conscientious worker and communicates well with staff, she is
open to giving & receiving feedback and also lets you know if she is not
busy or needs something to do.

This week she will be working with our Commercial Property Team and in a couple of weeks I am looking at having her work with our motoring section.”

English for Professionals (EFP) + Internship

An intensive business course offered in Australia combining Business English with a professional internship.

What is English for Professionals (EFP)?

English for Professionals is an intensive Business English program designed to prepare students with the language they need in an English speaking work environment.

Why are we offering it?

GotoAustralia is now offering its Business English program as an intensive course called English for Professionals. This is followed by an internship to allow students to practise the language they have learnt in a real life context and gain valuable work experience in an English speaking environment.

Course Content:
At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • conduct meetings
  • socialise at work
  • use the telephone effectively
  • negotiate
  • write in the workplace (emails, letters, memos, reports, procedures etc.)
  • deliver business presentations
  • deal with customers
  • apply for a job in an English speaking environment
  • develop important skills such as conflict resolution and problem solving
  • take part in complex discussions in areas like marketing, finance & management Course Outcomes:
  • Certificate of Attendance, showing English level and Grades
  • Certificate of Internship
  • Reference from employer to add to the student?s resume
  • Articulation into Kaplan Aspect?s accredited Diploma programmes in Business

Starts: every Monday

Apply Now

Professional Internship Australia

Internship Program Features

All internships are custom-designed, so applicants can choose the following:

  1. Start date – all year round
  2. Duration – 5 weeks to 26 weeks (visa permitting)
  3. Location – any city in Australia
  4. Industry – almost any industry
  5. Internships can be designed to meet university requirements


  1. 18 – 30 years old
  2. Must have an English language level equivalent to IELTS 5.5 (upper intermediate)
  3. Must have a minimum of 1 years study in chosen internship field
  4. Must have valid visa

Internships can be undertaken on the following visas:

  1. Working Holiday Visa
  2. Work & Holiday Visa
  3. Student Visa
  4. 416 Visa
  5. Australian Permanent Residency

Packaged Programs:

English + Internship (Professional Pathways Programs Professional is able to arrange packaged programs consisting of an English course prior to the internship placement. Course length will vary according to the needs of each applicant.)
Preparation for the Workplace Course (We run a one week course designed to specifically prepare applicants for their upcoming internship. The course deals with topics such as Occupational Health and Safety and Australian workplace procedures.)

Additional Services offered by Professional Pathways Programs Professional

  1. Orientation at the Sydney/Melbourne office prior to internship start date
  2. Airport pickup
  3. Accommodation (Homestay and shared housing)
  4. Insurance (compulsory)
  5. Weekly intern newsletter
  6. Regular social intern networking functions
  7. Weekly sightseeing excursions
  8. Cambridge Certificate in Work Experience
  9. Cellular phones and international discount phone cardAccounting

Internship Categories Internships can be found in the following fields:

  1. Accounting
  2. Architecture
  3. Business Administration
  4. Computing
  5. Engineering
  6. Event Management
  7. Fashion
  8. Finance
  9. Food Service
  10. Graphic Design Trade,
  11. Hospitality
  12. Human Resources
  13. Interior Design
  14. Law
  15. Marketing
  16. Media, Arts, Entertainment
  17. Pharmaceutical
  18. Public Relations
  19. Travel and Tourism
  20. Transport and Shipping
  21. (Internship requests in other fields can be fulfilled. Please contact Professional Pathways Programs for further information.)


Apply now to experience Australia as an intern. Our service is free and all you need to do to recieve further information is to send us an email.

Australian Internship positions

Current internship offers:


  • Online Internship

Advertising/ Media
Animal Welfare
Automation and En-gineering – Mechani-cal/ Electrical
Biotechnology / Mi-crobiology
Business Develop-ment Executive
Chemical Engineer-ing
Event Management
Finance (2x)
Hospital Management
Human Resources
Information Technology
IT/Graphic Design
Jewellery Design
Logistics / Marketing
Marketing (2x)
Marketing/ Communications/ Public Relations / Events
Not for Profit/ Human Rights/ Advocacy
Political Science
Promotions/ Marketing/ Public Relations
Sales and Conferencing
Sports Events
Web Design / Graphic Design

Paid and Unpaid

All Areas of Hospitality
Chef de Partie
Commis Chef
Demi Chef
Food and Beverage (4x)
Food and Beverage Team Leader
Front Office Manager
Guest Services
Housekeeping (2x)
Night Auditor
Reservations Sales Agent
Stewarding Supervisor

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