Internship program in Australia

We offer different Internship programs in Australia.

A fulltime Internship takes between 6 and 24 weeks or as long as needed. The overall duration depends on the sector you are interested in and will be determined with you in advance. The company, organisation or institution will be selected by our local partners according to your requirements. After that you do not apply with the companies, but they apply with you. Together with you we then select the placement that suits your needs the best.

In principal we can offer internships in all subjects and all sectors. Yet this depends on your preferences, the duration and leadtime, and on the desired country and city you select.

Professional Internship Program Australia

Professional Internship Program Australia Internships Australia is the next step in career skills advancement - a provider of quality training and development programs (short courses) and industry placements (internships). The consolidation of Internships...

Professional Internship Australia

Professional Pathways Programs Internship Program Features All internships are custom-designed, so applicants can choose the following: Start date – all year round Duration – 5 weeks to 26 weeks (visa permitting) Location – any city in Australia Indu...